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Are you an organization, team, club or company that wants to create your own identity? Do you wish to have someone help you set up a complete own clothing line, outfit your organization in new uniforms or team wear  and be your unique partner in this process? G-TEC has a unique process where your organization can create and produce their own customized clothing line already starting from 1pcs. Showcase the identity of your organization through out your clothing. We take care of all that and much more! Simply get in touch with us and we would love to discuss the options for your organization.

Combining Strengths & Creating Together. 

G-TEC is known as The Brand Of The athletes but we're much more. G-TEC offers a unique partnership for your organization. 

Showcasing your identity throughout unique, complete customized products. 

Learn all about this unique partnership & the many services we provide. 


Intrested in a partnership between G-TEC & your organization ?


Please contact us and lets have a (digital) coffee soon. 


All services named are part of the Next Level partnership between your organization & G-TEC. This is aanunique program for unique organizations willing to grow & develop with us. 

Key points for this partnership are:

  • Long-Term

  • Close Contacts

  • Together

  • Passion

  • Trust


Team Uniforms

One of the most important things in your organizations are your uniforms. They showcase your story. It is important to have good quality, long lasting & multi-times tested uniforms. Our uniforms developed by (former) professional athletes & with the best available material. The uniforms are completely designable by you. We do not take no for answer. Want to know more about our uniforms? Download the brochure below.


Business & workwear.

G-TEC is specialized in business & workwear for companies. We create, together with you, a unique clothing line for your organization. Completely customized by you. Starting at 1pcs.  


Marketing Experts

Our team of marketing experts will help your organizations with a full marketing plan based on your needs & growth. We will be on your side at all times during our partnership.


Online Income

Our highly skilled team of Marketing engineers will be able to help your organization setup with a brand new website & webshop. Through this site you can generate incomes which you can easily put back into the development of your organization.


Brand Exposure

G-TEC is a worldwide known brand worn & designed by athletes from all over the world. With locations, athletes & partners throughout the globe there is always somebody recognizing G-TEC. Our knowledge of building a brand will be shared with you by our experts as well as the fact that one of our brand experts will always be available for you. 



Making sure everybody at your organization is looking the same shows equality. This is a must for your organizations. Through our long term experience in sports we have developed a wide range of sports apparel completely designable to your wishes. From Shirts to Caps & from Jackets to socks, bags etc. It is all available starting at 1pcs. Want to know more? Download the brochure below.


Service to the max.

At G-TEC we value our partners and service is key for us. We offer a variety of services covered in our partnership & prices. Such as: Worldwide Free Shipping, Unlimited Names, Logo's, Batches, Express production (3-5 weeks delivery up to 2000pcs), Multi-Location shipping (Ship your order spread to multiple locations), Fitting Days on location (Have your organization fit & find out the right size on location. One of our team members will be on location with our sizing kits to figure out the right sizes together with you.) and many more. 


Coaching & sports development

To grow your organization you need development & coaching. Through our wide range of contacts we can help setup camps, seminars but also provide with special sports development programs to grow the level within your organization.


Unlimited Coffee

Partnerships are important to us. This is why we're always available for you. With two locations crossed the globe there is always a G-TEC location nearby. We're happy to see you, hear about how things are going and brainstorm together on the next steps or even if you just want to see us. You're always welcome here. Visit our European HQ and check out our unique sample room or visit us in the US and always enjoy unlimited coffee with us. There is always time 



There is no funds without sponsors. G-TEC helps you in finding the right sponsors for your organizations. Nice point: We can sponsor your organization as well. 

Your organization X  G-TEC?
Request our 2023 Catalogue now. 


Thank you for your request!


One of our team members will be in contact with you within 3 Business days.

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