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"Unique, Innovative and Athlete-Mind Developed" - Dylan Reede about G-TEC Newest Upcoming Products.

ALMERE, THE NETHERLANDS - G-TEC Founder Dylan Reede announced last Friday the newest collection of products which are soon to be released by G-TEC. These products will bring a massive change up to the world of sports as per Reede.

"We created a range of Unique, Innovative and Athlete-Mind Developed products which will mainly focus on Sports Performance, Rehab and Prevention of Athletes". We are currently in the last stages of testing and trials with these new products but we expect a lot of positive feedback. Currently we have had a lot of test trials at many different sports organizations worldwide and all of them were enthousiastic. These products have been in their development stage since the start of 2022 and almost 15 months later they are finally finished. The feedback we received from the sports organizations testing the products as well as our own athletes feedback gave us a complete new insight in what athletes really need. We combined all feedback together to create the ultimate Athlete-Mind & Developed product.

With this range of products G-TEC confirms their expend plans announced in the Fall of 2022. Back in October G-TEC Founder Reede announced a multi-year plan to expend G-TEC from "just a clothing brand" to a multi-function brand. The, by his words, "Real Brand Of The Athletes". In the upcoming years G-TEC will develop even more products which will benefit top-athletes worldwide.

More announcements regarding the new range of unique sports development & rehab products will come soon Reede confirmed.

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