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Koen Smet = G-TEC.

We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the G-TEC Athlete family, Koen Smet, a shining star in the world of Track & Field.

Koen is a well-known name in worldwide Track & Field and holds multiple championships & records on his name. Together with G-TEC Koen is looking to make that next step in his career. Both parties will focus on unique, athlete developed sportswear especially produced for the worlds best.

Another amazing announcement made with the signing of Koen will be the fact that Koen is now part of our Product Development team. Koen will use all his experience and knowledge of performing at the worlds top level to help develop the best possible sportswear for athletes. Besides that Koen will also be in charge of developing our brand new & unique Track & Field side of G-TEC. More about that coming soon.

Koen will make his debut in G-TEC. Tomorrow at the FBK Games. The most important Track & Field game on ‘dutch’ soil.

We’re extremely excited to have Koen be part of Team G-TEC and can’t wait to break more records together!

Koen Smet X G-TEC.

The Brand Of Koen. The Brand Of The Athletes

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