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G-TEC joins forces with Team FRYSK - A unique skating alliance

We are excited to announce a special collaboration that will push the sport of skating to new heights. G-TEC and Team FRYSK join forces in a unique and never-before-seen partnership, in which G-TEC uses its expertise and innovative sportswear in skating for the first time. This marks a historic moment as G-TEC's first skating partnership.

Team FRYSK, one of the most prominent skating teams in the Netherlands, has proven itself as a training institute for the largest commercial teams in the skating world. Despite working with a small team and a limited budget, they deliver exceptional performance. This season, none other than Esmee Visser skates for Team FRYSK, an Olympic Champion in the 4000m. The athletes of Team FRYSK wear G-TEC, a brand supported by an Olympic Champion.

Our collaboration with Team FRYSK is unique and versatile. G-TEC will not only provide Team FRYSK with high-quality sportswear, but we will also use our "RECOV" Collection to help the athletes perform better and recover faster. This unique partnership reflects the innovative approach of Team FRYSK and is based on a long-term commitment. Together we have established strategic objectives to take Team FRYSK's athletes to new heights.

On September 22, we will join forces for a spectacular team performance, presenting the new G-TEC X Team FRYSK Collection. This is a moment we are all eagerly awaiting and where we will see the fruits of our collaboration blossom.

This is just the beginning of a journey in skating. Together with Team FRYSK, we will continue to strive for excellence and innovation, and we look forward to seeing our athletes break new records and conquer the skating world.

For more information about Team FRYSK and our collaboration, we invite you to take a look at the website: G-TEC x Team FRYSK.

Below is an overview of the 2023 Teamwear from Team FRYSK

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