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G-TEC becomes the Official partner of Blue-Grey Football

Exciting Partnership Announcement: G-TEC x Blue Grey Football

G-TEC is proud to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration as the Official Apparel, Merchandise & Teamwear partner of Blue Grey Football for the forthcoming years. This strategic alliance not only positions us at the forefront of innovation, quality, and style but also propels our presence onto the international stage, with players showcasing our gear in high-profile games like the NFL. Additionally, catch the excitement as these games will be broadcasted on ESPN.

About Blue Grey Football: A Legacy of Excellence Established in 1989 by Gus Bell and Erik Bell, Blue Grey Football has been a pioneer in providing nationwide exposure to high school football prospects. Hosting All-American Combines at esteemed NFL venues and organizing marquee events such as the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl, they have crafted a winning formula acknowledged by major media outlets like Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and USA Today. This partnership signifies a fusion of excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of athletic achievement. Stay tuned for a winning blend of innovation, athleticism, and determination.

Strategic Commercial Outreach Beyond the field, we are set to enhance our commercial visibility through media outlets, strategically incorporating marketing initiatives into our plan. This partnership not only marks a union of two sports entities but also represents a commitment to elevating the sporting experience for athletes and fans alike. Keep an eye out as we prepare for the thrilling journey ahead, crafting a winning formula that seamlessly integrates innovation, athleticism, and unwavering determination.

Together, we redefine the game.

The first G-TEC X Blue-Grey Game is set to take place on December 18th at At&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Find a unique sneak peak on the G-TEC X Blue-Grey 2023 Gear:

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