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Learn all about our shipping & return policies here at G-TEC. Like you know us, our policy is simple. No Rocket Science.

Can't find what you're looking for? Simply contact us and we'll help you further.

Worldwide Shipping.

G-TEC offers worldwide shipping. Each order placed before 14:00 / 2pm -Amsterdam time will be handled and shipped out on the same day. After your products are packed you'll receive a tracking link to follow your G-TEC package all the way to your door. As we do not have our own transport company we use our partners to bring your package to you. Unfortunally it can happen that these partners have some delay in delivering your package. Please understand that this goes beyond us and we cannot be hold accountable for this delay. However we will always try our best to deliver your products on time and with 97.8% of our shipments being on time we can almost guarantee your products will be in your hands as original stated in the tracking link. Please note that we ship all our orders with full insurance on the shipments so in case something goes wrong. We got you covered.


Returns. No Problem.

Want to return your G-TEC products to us? No Problem. We offer free returns on all G-TEC Products. You do need to pass a few points to be able to return your products to us. All returned products should be returned in the original package & box returned to us within 14 days after delivery. You can use our "Zakje" bag to place your products in. All returned products should be un-worn & un-washed. The costs of shipping your return products to us is on costs of the client and won't be covered by us. In case the returned items do not pass the above mentioned conditions we won't accept your return and are unable to refund your order. In case your returned products are missing a tag or are not delivered in original state we could charge you with a re-stock fee of either € 25 or 10% of your order amount.

To request your return, please fill in the return request link here.


Terms & Conditions.

All orders and services of G-TEC are covered by our terms & conditions. Below you can request to download our terms & conditions.

G-TEC Terms & Conditions Download:

- English

- Dutch

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