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The G-TEC Athletes Team

Who are they and what do they do


Athlete Info:

Name: Desmond Cooper

Age: 29

Sports: Football

Location: The Globe

Life Quote: "Everything will be alright everything" - Euclid William

Goal: Be the best version of me and give everyone an equal opportunity.

Why G-TEC: "It embodies what is needed here in Europe. From chancing the culture of sports to changing the mindsets behind the best version of yourself".

Desmond Cooper

Pro-Football Player & Owner of DC9FIT.

Desmond has been a G-TEC Athlete since 2021. Besides his close work together with G-TEC, he also has G-TEC manufacture his own brand called: FTS. 

Desmond is a former NFL & CFL Player and currently pays professional in Europe. 

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Roedion Henrique

Pro Football player & Owner of SWAT Performance

Roedion has been a G-TEC Athlete since 2021. Besides his close work together with G-TEC, he also has G-TEC outfit his own company clothing called: SWAT Performance.


Roedion is an Amsterdam native who plays professional football. Besides playing Football, Roedion is also a Performance Trainer. 

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Athlete Info:

Name: Roedion "Dion" Henrique

Age: 26

Sports: Football / Performance Trainer

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Life Quote: "Get better than the day before"

Goal: Be better than I was a year ago. Level up in life with every change I get.

Why G-TEC: "G-TEC is a brand with so much potential here in Europe and the quality of the product is a A1".


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Athlete Info:

Name: Myrte van Herwijnen

Age: 19

Sports: Field Hockey

Location: USA

Life Quote: "Hard Work Pays Off"

Goal: Become the best keeper in college and be an inspiration to others. 

Why G-TEC: "I really like the idea behind the brand. Being the Brand Of The Athletes and the way the clothes and accessories are made for professional athletes."

Myrte van Herwijnen

Field Hockey Athlete at The University of Massachusetts

Myrte has been an G-TEC Athlete since 2023. 

Myrte is a dutch native and currently plays keeper at U-Mass. She's known as one of the top talents from The Netherlands

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