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About G-TEC

Get to know us

G-TEC is known as "The Brand Of The Athletes" as G-TEC is developed & established by Athletes. Our products has been created by the ideas, thoughts & knowledge of (former) professional athletes. The source of sports.

Each G-TEC design has been through differentiations developing stages to turn it into the newest & most unique product on the market. We're not aiming for the top or to be the best know brand. G-TEC stands for Global Technology. Something which drives us every single day to create the best type of apparel available. 
Our aim is to help every individual athlete achieve their absolute best. We add long term value in everything we do. Are you ready to start your journey with us?


The Motto. 

G-TEC was founded back in 2021 by then 21-year old Dylan Reede. He had a very simple mission for G-TEC: We will be "The Brand Of The Athletes". A sports brand where athletes worldwide can relate to. Our products are developed especially for athletes. To their unique wishes and needs. This is something we take enourmus pride in. Not a single G-TEC product will launch without going through endless tests by our athletes. Each with their own unique sport, thoughts and expectations of the product. After approval by them, our team and specialists, the final G-TEC product will launch into our collection. 

G-TEC, a brand by athletes for athletes. G-TEC, The Brand Of The Athletes. 


For the culture.

Unique & inspiring.

Top-Athletes have a very unique culture. If you ever been at or around a top-sports organization you understand this culture. A culture which comes close to a military culture. Only understand by a few but all feel like they know what its like. 

The so called: Top-Sports Mindset. 

Many top-athletes you'll speak will be able to tell you all about this mindset. But this mindset is not a mindset. Top-Athletes call it a lifestyle, a culture. Something unique which only top-athletes understand. A earned not given culture. No nonsense behavior and a will to win. 

This is the culture we have here at G-TEC. We fight on a daily base for top-athletes around the world. Making a difference for the youth, creating opportunities and bridging the gap. We believe in unity through diversity, using sports as a language to create positive change. G-TEC believes in dreams, inspires them, creates them and gives them a stage to showcase at. This is G-TEC. We're here for the athletes, worldwide. Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Race or Faith. You are one of us, You are who we are fighting for. 


G-TEC is based in Almere, The Netherlands. G-TEC was founded in 2021 by Dylan Reede who had a mission. Provide top athletes worldwide with the best available (sports) apparel. He started G-TEC first from home and later on from the first G-TEC Office. A 9m2 room which used to be the printers room. Now G-TEC has grown to a complete company with a great team of employees and known for their work with (sports) organizations worldwide. We want to help build a strong community of athletes from across the world. Here at G-TEC we're all about finding new ways to help athletes to the next level. That’s why we came up with our own Sports Technology Brand called: G-TEC.

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